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2022 Camp Funding Update

CRCCS is excited to open the camp and activity program to children and families this past year. We recognize how valuable the program is to both children and families, as families need to have the ability to reconnect without any distractions and to have some fun! Children had the opportunity to learn new skills, take great adventures, and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.

CRCCS is proud to have the ability to send 8 children to individual camps and send 6 families to enjoy time together at a family retreat.

Here’s the breakdown:

-8 children attended a personal camp (4 boys and 4 girls) -6 families participated in a family retreat with a total of 22 people -15 children (8 boys and 7 girls) -7 parents

$7919.65 was the total amount that CRCCS funded towards family and individual camps for the 2022 Camp Season!

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