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CRCCS provides a comprehensive range of support services for children and their parents/guardians. Our offerings include one-on-one counseling sessions led by highly specialized counselors who focus on areas such as loss, grief, and trauma.


Additionally, we maintain a lending library stocked with books and resources that cater to both children and their parents/guardians, promoting emotional healing and growth. We are committed to investing in the future, offering bursaries to graduating students who have lost a parent or guardian and are pursuing post-secondary education.


Furthermore, we organize funded camps designed to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for children and their parents/guardians to foster healing and connection. Lastly, we hold an annual toy drive, ensuring that children who have experienced loss or are facing challenging circumstances receive the comfort and joy they deserve.

"Every child deserves a chance to soar, and with your support, we can give them wings."

Our Mission

The Charlene Reaveley Children's Charity recognizes graduating students who harbor the hope and potential for a brighter tomorrow in the face of adversity through the loss of a parent and/or sibling.

Graduation Caps
School Girls During Workout

The Charlene Reaveley Children's Charity provides funding for children and their families to attend summer camp, camp day programs, or after school activities. Grieving children deserve the opportunity to enjoy what childhood has to offer even while experiencing the loss of a loved one.

CRCCS $1000 Bursary

CRCCS is proud to give back by providing financial recognition to students who exemplify Charlene's involvement in the community and/or volunteer work which encourages the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. This program was inspired by Charlene's passion for children and desire for a closer community.

All bursaries require that candidates are in good academic standing, contribute to their communities, and will be furthering their education at a post-secondary institution upon graduation. Graduating students have endured loss and it shapes who they are.  Despite their adversity and loss they are taking a step forward and focusing on the positive.  Since 2015, CRCCS has awarded almost $100,000 to students as they have demonstrated their determination to shape their future, wrote essays on how their loss has impacted their life and choices they have made, and their perseverance for their future.


CRCCS board of directors will select the successful recipients based the availability of funding designated to this program for the fiscal year.

To Qualify

  • Grade 12 graduating student

  • Loss of a parent and/or a sibling

  • Enrolled in a certified post secondary program within the same year of graduating

  • Involved in the community/volunteer work

  • A BC Resident

Applicant Requirements:

  • A minimum 500 word essay on how you fit the criteria and how you have been impacted by your loss (PDF, Google Doc or MS Word format)

  • Applicant Information - Full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address

  • School Information - School name, mailing address, phone number, counsellor name and email address

  • (Include applicant and school information on a cover page) 

  • (There is no 'application form' to complete.  Complete an essay with how the applicant fits the criteria)

  • Applicants need to email the completed essay with all criteria included and date stamped by April 15th of their graduating year.

  • Only complete applications are eligible for bursaries. 

  • All criteria is required for a complete application.

  • No late applications accepted.

Submit your application to:

"A small act of kindness can ignite a world of hope for a child in need."

Camp Funding

Attending camps, sports or recreation activities, allows children the opportunity to grow allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills. CRCCS recognizes that financial barriers may occur or focus for the importance of this may occur when faced with a loss in the family.


CRCCS also provides funding for children and their families to attend a family retreat. Intentionally planning family times free of tight schedules, electronic distractions, in an outdoor settings might further promote an opportunity to connect.  Family camps offer a range of activities that provide families with engaging ways to spend time together. Family members nurture their relationships with each other during family camp by working and living together in a new and different setting. By escaping every day distractions in their home environment, family members are better able to focus on and listen to each other. After the loss of an immediate family member, attending a family camp allows this opportunity. 

Camp applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.  Because each child and/or family is unique and may have specific needs and interests, CRCCS offers many options for funding for programs and/or camps.  Each application is reviewed individually and funds are given towards camps and programs up to a designated maximum.  As a children's charity, CRCCS supports children and their immediate family members. 

To Qualify

  • Completed a client application and approved

  • Loss of parent and/or sibling

  • Have not received previous funding towards another camp program from CRCCS

  • Completed the individual camp application and/or family camp application (available by contacting

Applicant Requirements:

  • An individual camp program for each child in the household (includes day programs, overnight camps, sports program, etc)

  • A family retreat for the entire family (list of recommended retreats offered but not limited to)

​CRCCS has a wide range of camp suggestions but clients are not limited to this list. Families are welcome to attend any registered camp in B.C. Camp funding is based on the availability of charity funds at the time of camp application.

CRCCS Client Application

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