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Graduating Students

Bursary Program

The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity recognizes graduating students who harbour the hope and potential for a brighter tomorrow in the face of adversity through the loss of a parent and/or sibling.

CRCCS is proud to give back by providing financial recognition to students who exemplify Charlene’s involvement in the community and/or volunteer work which encourages the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Charlene’s passion for children inspired this program and desire for a closer community.

All bursaries require that candidates are in good academic standing, contribute to their communities, and will be furthering their education at a post-secondary institution upon graduation. CRCCS board of directors will select the successful recipients.

Making a difference in the lives of students

To qualify for a $1000 CRCCS bursary, the student will be required to meet the criteria including:

  • Grade 12 graduating student 

  • Loss of a parent and/or a sibling

  • Enrolled in a certified post-secondary program within the same year of graduating

  • Involved in the community/volunteer work

  • a BC Resident

  • Complete mailing address, contact information, and full name of the applicant

  • Complete mailing address, contact information and the name of secondary school

  • A 300-500 word essay on how they fit the criteria, including all contact information.


Applicants need to email or mail their completed essay with all criteria included and date stamped by April 15th of their graduating year. 

Please ensure your application is complete. 

Only complete applications are eligible for bursaries. 

All criteria is required for a complete application.

Applicants can mail to: 

Charlene Reaveley Children's Charity 

Counselling and Resource Centre

Attn: Jennifer Reaveley

1254 Burke Mountain Street
Coquitlam BC
V3B 3H6

or email to:

Annual Updates


The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity is proud and honoured to announce that we have awarded 27 graduating students with a $500 bursary to pursue their post secondary endeavors.

After experiencing a loss, people can tend to focus on what they no longer have. As a result they can focus their energy on the negative, or what is missing in their lives, rather than on the positive, or all of those wonderful things they still have.  Grief can also bring up feelings of emptiness, depression, and hopelessness.

One common thread in each essay from every graduating student is their focus on their future – making the loved one they’ve lost proud and honoring them. Despite adversity and loss they are taking a step forward and focusing on the positive.

Being grateful for what remains after you have experienced a loss can be a powerful way to deal with, and heal, that loss. Turning your attention on how your life was enriched because that person was in it, for example, rather than on the vacuum the loss created, might be one powerful and healthy approach to confronting grief.  These students have encompassed this quality.

We usually don’t think about giving thanks when someone dies. Yet gratitude can be one of the most healing tools we have.  These students have gratitude.

Here’s a glimpse into who we’ve supported…

  • 11 male students and 16 female students

  • 14 communities all across the lower mainland including the North Shore, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island 

  • 25 students have lost a parent 

  • 1 student has lost both parents 

  • 3 students have lost a sibling 

  • 1 student has lost a parent and a sibling 

CRCCS is proud to have such tremendous support from the community to be able to offer services like the bursary program. The work we do does not happen in isolation.  Thank you for your support. 


The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity presented 9 graduating students who have all lost a parent and/or sibling and are pursuing post secondary education.

Each student’s personal experience with loss touched us deeply.  We are in a unique position to assisting these young adults with pursuing their future dreams and aspirations and we are grateful that we can be a part of their journey.

This journey also continues the legacy of Charlene Reaveley, who’s goal in life was to make a child smile. 

This would not happen without the assistance from the community.  Thank YOU for your continues support to allow us to support families with children experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Here’s who we’ve supported…

  • 12 male students and 7 female students

  • 6 communities from across the lower mainland 

  • 25 students have lost a parent 

  • 1 student has lost both parents 

  • 3 students have lost a sibling 

  • 1 student has lost a parent and a sibling 

Good luck graduating students of 2016!


The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity has recognized the need for graduating students to pursue post secondary school without financial barriers.  

The bursary program was discussed amongst the board and voted on.  Because Charlene attended 2 high schools in her teenage years, a decision was made to assist graduating students from those schools who have lost a parent and/or sibling.


3 graduating students in Delta and Coquitlam have received a bursary towards their post-secondary education.

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