Board of Directors

Daniel Reaveley – President

Dan is the founding director of the Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity. He created the charity in 2011 after suffering the tragic and life altering loss of his high school sweetheart, Charlene Reaveley. Having gone through this process himself, he wanted to help families by offering support through grief and bereavement.  “I wanted to turn such a tragic event into something positive, focus on the greatness of Charlene and keep her legacy alive.  I could not save her but I could at least make sure that no one will forget her”.  Dan has 18 years experience in sales and currently runs as general manager at a car dealership. He is a loving and very busy father of now, 6 children in his blended family.  He enjoys strumming his guitar, playing the piano, boating and snowmobiling.

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Shannon Brooks

Shannon is the Camp Programs Director and Treasurer with CRCCS. Shannon became a volunteer with the organization in 2011 after the tragic passing of her dear childhood friend Charlene. After experiencing the devastating loss of Charlene, Shannon felt a strong need to offer assistance to others experiencing a loss of a loved one. In 2012 she resumed the position of a board member. She holds a diploma in bookkeeping and accounting certificate. She has previously held sales & management related positions serving as a bookkeeper for 10 years. Shannon has volunteered as a PAC member of her children’s school as well as the Salvation Army. She enjoys spending time with her loving family; fiancé and their 6 children, travelling, photography as well as event planning. Shannon holds a strong passion to work with children and families. Since she is a socialist at heart and loves people, it is of no surprise to why she is excited to continue providing transformational experiences for families and youth.

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Giacomo Debenedictis

Giacomo De Benedictis has been a Director for the Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity since 2011. His role is Director of Bottle Drives as well as a support to the team wherever he is needed.  He comes to the board with many unique skills and abilities, the strongest being his acceptance of everyone he meets and brings a sense of humour with him everywhere he goes.  Throughout his previous years he has been an active volunteer within the community through sports, youth groups as well as with the Michael Cuccione Foundation.  Giacomo is close friends with the Reaveley’s and had no hesitation to jump on board when the charity was first created. His relationship with Charlene is very dear to his heart and works hard with the board to continue making her proud.

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Kimberly Debenedictis

Kimberly De Benedictis, one of the co-founders of CRCCS.  Her position has changed many hats over the past years, but currently she holds the title of Secretary, Director of Volunteers as well as Director of Toy Drive. Kimberly comes to us with a background in early childhood education, special needs training, personal success planning for families, advocacy, as well as a wide variety of administrative skills.   Her drive and passion has always been to help others in need in whatever ways possible.  Her connection with CRCCS comes from her close friendship with Charlene Reaveley. Spending countless hours together, Charlene taught Kimberly how each person that we come across has something special about them and if we look hard enough we can see a sparkle in everyone.  Kimberly plans are to continue working hand in hand with the charity and hopes to one day pass her position down to one of the Reaveley children.

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Jennifer Reaveley

Jennifer and Charlene were sister-in-laws after both marrying into the Reaveley family.  They shared many memories of their kids being raised alongside one another and their ‘annual Reaveley family vacations’.  With 15 years as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at a Level 1 Trauma Centre, Jennifer is equipped to assist others with many feelings of loss, grief, and suffering.  With her own sudden loss of her sister-in-law, Jennifer is passionate and inspired by the mission of CRCCS  and the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of those touched by tragedy of the untimely death of a loved one.  Jennifer co-chairs ‘The Crisis Management Team’ and the “Marketing and Development Team’ at a local school.  With CRCCS, Jennifer serves on the board as Director of the Bursary Program and Director of Counselling and Director of Intake.

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