How It Began…

The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity Society (CRCCS) was created in Spring 2011 by Charlene’s husband Dan Reaveley. After suffering the loss of his wife in a tragic hit-and-run accident by a drunk driver, he was left to pick up the pieces of their shattered dreams, becoming the sole financial provider and caregiver to their four children. 

Char’s passion for children and desire for a closer community was his inspiration. Charlene would do anything to make a child smile or just to see a little sparkle in their eye – this was the spirit of Charlene that motivated Dan to reach out and support families experiencing a loss.

The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity was created to offer support and assistance to grieving children and their families.  What was needed in Dan’s experience was counselling without financial burden, access to books and resources within the community and a connection to families who were also experiencing a loss in their lives.

CRCCS was created to keep Charlene’s memory alive and to help other children and their families going through similar circumstances, providing them with much-needed counselling and support.

The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity is a non-profit organization offering support and assistance to families with children experiencing the loss of a loved one.


The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity Society is a non-profit organization offering support and assistance to children and their families experiencing the loss of a loved one.


Charlene’s goal as a mother was to protect the innocence of childhood and make sure all children felt like they were truly loved.  CRCCS’s goal is to provide hope and healing to children and their loved ones.

What we offer…

  • one-on-one counselling for children and their parent/guardian with counsellors who specialize in areas of loss, grief and trauma
  • lending library of books and resources for both children and their parents/guardians
  • bursaries for graduating students who have lost a parent/guardian with plans for post-secondary education
  • funded camps for children and their parents/guardians
  • annual toy drive for children who have lost a loved one and/or are in need